Nature Business

The Company imports Bituminous Coal from Indonesia to domestic and international customers by sourcing through coal mines of Company Group in Indonesia through TTP, whose 99.99 of shares are held by the Company and through trading with other mine owners in Indonesia through EPCL, whose 99.99% of total shares are also held by the Company. The Company is then able to deliver goods to customers via vessels conveniently. Some of the Coal shall be sold to foreign customers directly while the rest are transported to Thailand to aggregate sizes for needs and requirements of domestic customers. Most international customers are traders and large power plants in China, while most domestic customers are coal consumers whose factories are located nearby our plant in Sriracha, Chonburi. Their industrial factories consist of small, medium, large industries and power plants that have high demand of coal consumption as energy generator. Company Groupís main customers are paper, textile, and food industrial groups, etc.

Company Group has policies on business conducting by creating long-term relationship with mine owners in Indonesia and purchasing mines to secure sufficient supply for customers. Company Group Organize experienced and knowledgeable team to give advice to customers how to consume coal at its fullest result, as well as support customers to switch from oil or natural gas to use coal boilers instead.